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Andrew James
Andrew James

Want To Have An Obedient, Healthy & Happy Dog?

We provide the training and tools to help you become a better owner for your German Shepherd (or any other) dog. From breed history, training guides and equipment to behavior issues and tips on how to keep your furry friend healthy and happy - we got you covered!


“Walks. That was the biggest issue I ever encountered in my life. My 5-month-old GS puppy hated  his leash and he was constantly taking me to the walk instead of the other way around.

After reading through a couple of walk-related articles here on, everything turned around and as soon as I started applying what I've learned, Ben and I started enjoying our walks! Thanks, Andrew and the Shepped team.”

Dana Mikleson
Jane Smith

“We got our German Shepherd from the local rescue. He was 8 months old and severely starved at the time we brought him home. I contacted Shepped support for guidance and advice on how to feed and emotionally heal my pup and they came through, they came through big time.

Now, 5 months later, he's fully recovered and enjoying life. Thanks Shepped

Martin Jeffries
Shane Melaugh

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