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Dog Breeds With Health Problems

4 Dog Breeds That Require A Bit of Extra Care From Owners

Dogs are some of the most beloved creatures we keep as pets. As much joy as these adorable creatures bring us, solely by virtue of their existence, they need to be taken care of. Some breed though,

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Dogs and Babies

How To Introduce Your Baby To Your Dog

Having a baby has changed your world, but it has changed someone else’s world too. If you own a dog or dogs, then introducing a new lifeform into a settled environment can cause its own problems. As

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GSD digging problems

Reclaim Your Yard By Training Out The Digging Problems With GSDs

Have you been annoyed with your German Shepherd trying to dig holes in your garden and backyard? All dogs love to dig, and it is absolutely normal if you find your GS digging up the ground. However, if

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Black German Shepherd Biting Ball

When Your German Shepherd Puppy Is Biting And Nipping, Try This

If you find it cute that your little German Shepherd puppy is biting your hand, think again! GSDs grow-up to become strong and muscular dogs. If you encourage them when they bite or make ‘aww’ sounds,

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GSD Jumping on Furniture

Keep Your GSD From Jumping On Furniture With These Tips

German Shepherds are extremely dominant by nature. They rise above and jump because they want to show their power to others. This is a typical alpha behavior in GSDs but not a favorable one when you have

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GSD Dominant Behavior

Dominance? Or Hyperactivity? Here’s How To Spot Dominant Behavior In Your German Shepherd

We have talked about a German Shepherd’s dominant behavior several times and by now we know that GSDs are born to be the leaders. In the wild, they live in a pack, and there is always one pack leader

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German Shepherd Dashing Out The Door

Door Dashing Like They’re In The Olympics How To Stop Your GSD Taking Off

Is your German Shepherd troubling you by being a door-dasher? A door dasher GSD will become very troublesome as it will try to escape every time guests arrive at home. It is a natural instinct of a GSD

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GSD Barking Problems

Dealing With Constant GSD Barking? Problems Solved.

A GSD will bark to express its feelings and emotions. However, if its barking becomes irritating and out of control, you need to make it stop. If you are getting complaints from your neighbors that your

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German Shepherd Aggression problems

Aggressive Behavior & German Shepherds Don’t Have To Go Hand In Hand

Updated: September 1st 2016 Aggression and behavioral problems do not occur in every dog breed. However, if you have bought a German Shepherd, you might face aggression problems quite a lot. So, why does

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GSD Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety In German Shepherds & How To Avoid It

You are getting ready and leaving for work. Your GSD is barking and jumping at you when you leave the house. You look back at the door and ignore your dog. When you return home, you find your couch ruined,

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German Shepherd Jumping on people

Jumping On People Sucks & Your Guests Hate It. Here’s How To Stop It

“My German Shepherd jumps at the guests that visit our home, what do I do?” “My GSD won’t stop jumping on strangers in the park. Need Help ASAP!” These are the most common questions that GSD

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GSD Destructive Chewing

When Your Dog’s Had Enough, Try This To Prevent Destructive Chewing

Chewing is a habit that every dog has as it starts to learn about the environment it lives in. It is alright to let your GSD chew on its toys, but it becomes a problem when it begins to chew on your personal

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GSD Disobedience Problems

Common GSD Disobedience Problems, And How To Take Control

Many German Shepherd owners complain that their dog doesn’t follow their commands, ignores their actions and voice signals, and much more. This is a common problem with GSD owners as this breed of dogs

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