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Where German Shepherds Get Their Loyalty From

Where German Shepherds Get Their Loyalty From?

What is your favorite type of dog? Some of us prefer small lap dogs while others love huge dogs like mastiffs. Still, others, enjoy the sweet and loving family Labrador. But, there is one breed of

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Breed Specific Legislation And German Shepherd

Breed Specific Legislation & Your German Shepherd

There are laws governing what kinds of pets you can own and even laws requiring certain sizes or amounts of space for keeping certain animals. But did you know there are also laws that apply to specific

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German Shepherd Mix

What Are The Most Popular German Shepherd Mixes

Updated: September 1st 2016 When many people think of German Shepherds, they think of a dog which resembles Rin Tin Tin in size and color. While “Rinny” was certainly a great example of a handsome,

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German Shepherds Dog Breed Guide

The Complete German Shepherd Guide From Pup To Pal

Are you thinking of welcoming a German Shepherd into your family? Potential GSD owners are usually curious about this extraordinary breed. This (hopefully) helpful guide is filled with interesting and

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German Shepherd Temperament

The German Shepherd Temperament Aggressive or…?

Those who aren’t familiar with German Shepherds may only know them as police dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs and tracking dogs. But they actually have a well-balanced demeanor and are capable

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Adopting German Shepherd Puppy

Forget The Breeders Think German Shepherd Puppy Adoption First

Congratulations! You have decided to adopt a German Shepherd Puppy. Surely you are excited and possibly don’t know where to begin. The process of finding the perfect GSD pup for you may seem long, but

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Young GSD

GSD Life Span Expectancy & You Prepare Yourself For The Long Haul

Dog owners usually begin to wonder what the life expectancy of their German Shepherd is after they have lived with them for some time. The thought of not having your beautiful German Shepherd around is

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White German Shepherds

Color, Care, & Show German Shepherd Coat Color Variations

German Shepherds have a dense, flat, coarse, straight coat that lies against their body. They have an undercoat that is soft and thick. The outer coat can also be slightly wavy or long. While the classic

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German Shepherd Popular Names

What Are The Most Commonly Used German Shepherd Names

Congratulations! You have just become a dog owner, often referred to as a pet parent. One of your first responsibilities to your German Shepherd puppy is to give him or her a good name. There are a

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