Earthbath All Natural Green Tea Leaf Grooming Wipes Review

Earthbath All Natural Green Tea Leaf Grooming Wipes

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Earthbath All Natural Green Tea Leaf Grooming Wipes

When your dog has buildup around their eyes, dirt inside of their paws, or some remnants left behind after going to the bathroom, you’ve got two different options.

You can either grab some rough paper towels, get them wet, and then go at your dog -- potentially leaving them raw. Or you can use the Earthbath All Natural grooming wipes, take care of the mess, and leave both your dog, and your hands moisturized at the same time.


  • Provide A Quick Bath: When your dog is going to the bathroom and may not be feeling well, the wipes work great for cleaning up the bits that may get left behind. As clean as we can say it, they’ll clean up after your dog the same way we humans use wipes.
  • 100% Natural, and Bio-Degradable: You can either throw the wipes away, or flush them. With an all natural and bio-degradable composition, they won’t clog up your plumbing lines if you choose to flush them instead of toss them in the trash.
  • Fragrance And Allergen Free: There are a few different scents you can order, but we always recommend the unscented variety. It’s guaranteed to be free of any allergens or irritants that could cause your dog extra discomfort.
  • Easily Removes Dirt & Funky Odors: The wipes can take care of everything from your dog’s paws, and eyes, to their rear end. You can take care of drool from their lips, and discharge from their eyes without having to worry about dirtying one of your towels.
  • Contains All Natural Conditioners: Each wipe contains natural moisturizers like vitamin E and aloe vera to help you keep your own skin soft. While not necessary, or a feature that your dog is actually going to appreciate, it’s good to know that you can use them for your own benefit, too.
Earthbath All Natural Green Tea Leaf Grooming Wipes


  • Not An Actual Bath Replacement: Especially in the case of a German Shepherd, these are not a replacement for an actual bath. They’re meant to quickly clean up trouble spots. If your dog gets covered in something, or you think it will be tough to remove, we would recommend giving them a bath instead of using the wipes.
  • Get Unscented If You’re Cleaning Your Pet’s Eyes: While there are multiple different scents available, we recommend you get unscented if you have a dog with watery eyes, or that tends to get buildup around their eyes. The unscented are guaranteed to not cause any excessive irritations.
  • Requires A Softer Touch: If you’re using the wipes with a heavy handed approach, you may find yourself going through them, and creating holes in the wipe. If this sounds like you, try using a lighter touch and they’ll work great.

To Wrap It All Up...

Sometimes, your dog gets a bit dirty, or builds up a bit of funk in certain places, but doesn’t necessarily need a full on bath. When the thought of bathing your GSD leaves you running for the hills, there’s only one other solution -- the Earthbath All Natural grooming wipes.

They work great for quick wipe downs, as long as you use a soft touch. To see how other customers are using them, and read even more reviews, click on the button below.

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