FURminator Dual Sided Grooming Brush Review

German Shepherds have beautiful coats. Unfortunately, though, those beautiful coats come with one major problem: they shed. Everywhere. All over your furniture, your carpeting, inside of your car, and onto your dress clothes when you’re getting ready for work or to head out for a nice dinner with your family.

Preventing their shedding requires a bit of work on your part. Making sure their hair doesn’t go all over the house can be solved by spending a bit of time brushing them out once a week.

Using a brush with two types of bristles works best for German Shepherds. The FURminator Dual Sided Grooming Brush is perfect for breaking up tough mats, and then grabbing the loose hair before it hits your floor.


  • Perfect For GSD’s Thick Coats: The long metal bristles on the brush work to get down deep into your dog’s coat, and straighten the hair out, while loosening up hairs that are ready to fall out. Then, when you’ve pulled the loose hair to the surface, you can flip the brush over and use the thicker bristles to grab the hairs and collect them in the brush, instead of on your clothes.
  • Loosens Dead Fur & Removes Tangles: Allowing loose hair to build up in your dog’s coat is the main cause of tangling and thick mats. The For Your Dog brush will help remove that dead hair, while also preventing tangles from forming over time.
  • Captures Loose Hair: Thick, nylon bristles are like a magnet for loose hair. Think about your own hair brush, and how much is clogged up inside of the bristles. This works exactly the same way, and makes it easy for you to pull out in clumps when you’ve finished brushing your dog.
  • Spreads Natural Oils: Brushing your GSD not only helps you keep the hair from landing in all the places you don’t want it, but also works to spread their natural oils that help their coat stay shiny, and strong. By spreading the natural oils from your dog’s skin throughout their coat, you’re actually helping prevent shedding in the future by strengthening their existing hair follicles.
Dog Brush


  • Works Best After Using A Deshedding Brush: Since German Shepherds have such thick coats, if you haven’t already made it a habit of regularly brushing them out, you may want to use a deshedding brush before you break out the FURminator. Using a deshedding brush will make the FURminator work a lot better, without putting as much stress on you, or your dog.

To Wrap It All Up...

As a German Shepherd owner, you’re going to have to deal with shedding at some point in your dog’s life. It’s just par for the course.

Thankfully, though, with the FURminator dual sided brush, the shedding problem doesn’t have to become your nightmare. If you use it on a regular basis, you can control the shedding, and keep the loose hair from ending up all over your furniture, and your clothes.

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