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How Long Is it Safe to Leave a Dog Alone

While most adult humans might cope with being left alone for 8+ hours a day, not all dogs can. Dogs are like people in many ways; the length of time you can leave them alone per day depends on the

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Parvo In Dogs

How To Battle Potentially Fatal Parvovirus In Your German Shepherd Dog

Parvo is a scary and painful illness that threatens all dogs who aren’t vaccinated. Puppies are especially at risk for contracting the potentially life-threatening virus. As a German Shepherd owner,

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Best Dog Food For German Shepherds

What Is The Best Dog Food For A German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known for being active, smart dogs, with an insatiable appetite for pleasing their owner. Knowing how much you mean to them, would you risk shortening their lifespan or causing

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How To Get Rid Of The Fleas From Your Dog

How To Get Rid Of The Fleas On Your German Shepherd

Fleas are a major annoyance that can seriously affect your dog’s health if left untreated. They can also bother you even though they don’t target humans. And the longer a flea infestation is left

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Best Dog Toys For Your German Shepherd

The Best Dog Toys for Battling Your GSD’s High Energy Levels

German Shepherds are big dogs with big energy levels. They are lovable and wonderful pets to own but it does take some practice to learn how to effectively handle their high energy levels. In this

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Organic Foods For German Shepherds

Organic Foods That Extend Your German Shepherd’s Lifespan

Eating an organic diet is well known as being healthy for humans, and the same can be said for German Shepherds. Feeding your German Shepherd organic foods is fantastic for their overall health and

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24PetWatch Pet Insurance Review

24PetWatch is one of the few companies that offers a set deductible in all of their policies. That means, you’re only going to pay $100 out of pocket, while the rest of the visit is reimbursed to you

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ASPCA Pet Insurance Review

ASPCA Pet Insurance is a funny company. Based on the features of the policies they offer alone, we cannot recommend them to pet owners. There’s something else you should know about the ASPCA Pet Insurance

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Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwide Insurance has quickly climbed the ranks as one of the most widely purchased pet insurance plans for a couple of different reasons. They’re incredibly affordable, and offer reimbursements

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PetsBest Pet Insurance Review

When it comes to insuring your pet’s health, there are dozens of companies that you can choose from, all with their own range of services and coverages. PetsBest is one of the oldest pet insurance

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Trupanion Pet Insurance Review

There are a ton of different pet insurance plans you can choose from these days. Trupanion is one of the companies that are trying to set themselves apart from the rest, and updated all of their plans

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Petplan Pet Insurance Review

Out of the two best pet insurance providers on our list, Petplan and Healthy Paws were in a neck-and-neck battle to see who was going to come out on top. Petplan lost by a slim margin, and could actually

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is our #1 pick for pet insurers in 2016. They took the top spot because of their long-standing history of amazing customer support, their annual deductibles (versus per-incident

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Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Embrace is the 3rd highest rated pet insurance company in our list, and easily beat out the bottom 7, but are still a distance away from the #1 and #2 spots. They’ve earned the #3 spot for their high

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Insurance Terminology – Understanding Pet Insurance Made Easy

Unless you’ve got an insurance license, when you first get a policy or start comparing different policies that are applicable to your needs, you’re going to end up getting confused about what

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Pet / Dog Insurance 101

Pet Insurance 101

What would you do in the event your best friend gets out of the house, and your most dreaded fears happen -- they get run over by a car? Or what about if your furry friend isn’t exactly showing signs

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Top Pet Insurance Companies in 2016

Top Pet Insurance Providers in 2020– Comparison Chart

One of the hardest problems with choosing the right pet insurance is trying to figure out what means what, and which carriers are actually the best, based on your pet and their current health. Some insurers

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Can My Dog Eat That Food?

Can My Dog Eat That? Safe & Unsafe Foods For Your Pooch

Can dogs eat fruit? What about potato chips? If I feed my dog table scraps, will it make him sick or spoil him? In a world filled with myths and misinformation about what dogs can and cannot eat, it’s

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Common German Shepherd Hip Problems & What You Can Do About Them

German Shepherds are beautiful and elegant dogs. They can be trained as great family dogs or vigilant police dogs. Unfortunately, these handsome and intelligent animals are prone to hip issues, so it’s

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Feeding dog with a healthy diet

Healthy, and Recommended GSD Diet Routine

Is the food you feed your dog not providing it with enough nutrition and energy? Is your dog’s health not improving after you feed it a certain type of food? Do you doubt the food you are giving your

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