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Canned Or Dry Dog Food – The Age Old Battle Continues On

It might be confusing to decide the type of food you want to feed your German Shepherd. There are a variety of options you can choose from. However, the biggest debate is; canned or dry?So, how can you

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Hungry German Shepherd

The Hidden Dangers Of Poisonous, Unhealthy Dog Food

Many German Shepherd owners do not look into the food they are feeding their beloved dog. Even when you are in a huge superstore, you need to look into the ingredients of any dog food you buy. There have

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Feeding Guidelines For Your German Shepherd

Vet Recommended Feeding Guidelines For Your German Shepherd Dog

Updated: August 15 2020 A German Shepherd has certain health and physical requirements that can be met with the help of high-quality food.GSDs are strong, athletic, and active dogs. They

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Dog Grooming

5 Simple Steps To Grooming Your German Shepherd’s Thick Coat

Updated: September 1st 2016 Every dog has particular grooming requirements that need to be met. A happy dog is one that is being groomed on a weekly basis.Many German Shepherd owners adopt the wrong techniques

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German Shepherd Exercise

Your Pup Needs Exercise & Lots Of It – The Best Exercising Tips For Your GSD

German Shepherds are high-spirited dogs. They are active, full of vigor, and extremely intelligent. In many parts of the world, these dogs are used as sheepherders. This means they protect the herd of

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Vegetable and fruit treats

Your Dog Needs Fruits & Veggies Too Try These Vegetable & Fruit Treats

Whenever your GS behaves well, you offer it a delicious treat. However, there is a lot to think about before giving too many treats to your dog. Many people like to give treats to their dogs to reward

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Bathing a German Shepherd Puppy

Bathing A Puppy Without Taking A Bath Yourself

German Shepherds are clean animals, unless they dig up the ground and get dirt all over them. A GS puppy will not need frequent baths as it may be harmful for the delicate little pup. If your pup has had

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German Shepherd Leash and Collar Tips

Leash & Collar Tips To Keep Your German Shepherd By Your Side

German Shepherds are big dogs that are extremely strong. Taking a GSD outdoors without a leash on can become a huge problem for both the dog and the people around it. GSDs are not aggressive if trained

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German Shepherd Eating

Disgusting! How To Break Your GSD’s Poop Eating Habit

‘It is extremely embarrassing and totally shocking to see my GS pup eating its own poop.’ ‘Is my dog mentally disturbed or does it like to eat its own excreta?’ ‘Can anyone help me with my GSD’s

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