German Shepherd Crate Training

Quick & Effective Crate Training For Your German Shepherd

Before you start crate training your GSD, you need to know that GSDs are not against crates. They love to be in a place that they know is safe and theirs. Training a GSD to live in a crate helps in a number

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Potty training German Shepherd Puppy

Potty Training Your GSD Puppy Without Losing Your Mind

Potty training should start at a very early age as the dog will have troubles changing its potty habits in the later stages. If you don’t want your German Shepherd puppy to ruin your home with poop,

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German Shepherd Popular Names

What Are The Most Commonly Used German Shepherd Names

Congratulations! You have just become a dog owner, often referred to as a pet parent. One of your first responsibilities to your German Shepherd puppy is to give him or her a good name. There are a

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Black German Shepherd

The Black German Shepherd – True or Myth?

Updated: September 1st 2016 True! Black German Shepherds sometimes take people by surprise with their solid dark color coat. Commonly they are even mistaken as a mix breed or other dog breed. The Black

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White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd – Everything You Need To Know

Updated: September 1st 2016 One of the first questions many people ask when they see a solid white German Shepherd is if it is an Albino. No, they are not actually an albino dog. Albino is described

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Long Haired German Shepherd

Long Haired German Shepherd = Long Hair Problems? Nope.

Updated: September 1st 2016 The Long Haired German Shepherd is a rare sight for many since the gene is recessive and is known to be a genetic fault. Even two short haired German Shepherds can produce longhaired

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German Shepherd Training

German Shepherd Training Without A Professional Trainer

Updated: September 1st 2016 You just brought your German Shepherd pup home, let the training begin! You will want to begin training as soon as you can to help your pup get used to his new pack. The adjustment

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Clicker Training for your German Shepherd

Clicker Training Like The Professionals

German Shepherds are clever dogs that follow a wide range of actions, commands, and voice signals. However, in order to train a German Shepherd more effectively, dog owners should adopt the ‘clicker

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Most Common German Shepherd Training Mistakes

Avoid The Most Common Training Mistakes For Your GSD Puppy

German Shepherds make the best guard dogs. But how do they turn disobedient, violent, aggressive, and totally out of control? It’s a common problem for many German Shepherd owners to face a tough time

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