Can My Dog Eat That Food?

Can My Dog Eat That? Safe & Unsafe Foods For Your Pooch

Can dogs eat fruit? What about potato chips?If I feed my dog table scraps, will it make him sick or spoil him?In a world filled with myths and misinformation about what dogs can and cannot eat, it’s

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German Shepherd Training Tips

Training a German Shepherd: 3 Time-Saving Tricks

German Shepherds are smart, agile, and capable of amazing feats, like this dog who saved a girl from a rattlesnake. It’s no wonder you’re eager to start teaching tricks to your new companion animal.

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Gunther IV - world's wealthiest dog

This German Shepherd Is Worth $400 Million, But Wait Until You See Why!

Mansions, caviar, limousines – the lifestyle of the rich and powerful is going to the dogs! It’s not every day that a canine arrives to an auction house in Turn-Italy by chauffeur-driven limousine,

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Common German Shepherd Hip Problems & What You Can Do About Them

German Shepherds are beautiful and elegant dogs. They can be trained as great family dogs or vigilant police dogs. Unfortunately, these handsome and intelligent animals are prone to hip issues, so

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Feeding dog with a healthy diet

Healthy, and Recommended GSD Diet Routine

Is the food you feed your dog not providing it with enough nutrition and energy? Is your dog’s health not improving after you feed it a certain type of food? Do you doubt the food you are giving your

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Dog with a bladder problems

How To Cope With Your German Shepherd’s Frequent Urination

If your German Shepherd is urinating too often and spoiling your bed and carpet, do not get furious. When a GS is urinating excessively, it simply means that it has a urinary infection. Do not assume it

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Canned Or Dry Dog Food – The Age Old Battle Continues On

It might be confusing to decide the type of food you want to feed your German Shepherd. There are a variety of options you can choose from. However, the biggest debate is; canned or dry? So, how can

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Hungry German Shepherd

The Hidden Dangers Of Poisonous, Unhealthy Dog Food

Many German Shepherd owners do not look into the food they are feeding their beloved dog. Even when you are in a huge superstore, you need to look into the ingredients of any dog food you buy. There have

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Dog Grooming

5 Simple Steps To Grooming Your German Shepherd’s Thick Coat

Updated: September 1st 2016 Every dog has particular grooming requirements that need to be met. A happy dog is one that is being groomed on a weekly basis. Many German Shepherd owners adopt the wrong

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German Shepherd Exercise

Your Pup Needs Exercise & Lots Of It – The Best Exercising Tips For Your GSD

German Shepherds are high-spirited dogs. They are active, full of vigor, and extremely intelligent. In many parts of the world, these dogs are used as sheepherders. This means they protect the herd of

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Vegetable and fruit treats

Your Dog Needs Fruits & Veggies Too Try These Vegetable & Fruit Treats

Whenever your GS behaves well, you offer it a delicious treat. However, there is a lot to think about before giving too many treats to your dog. Many people like to give treats to their dogs to reward

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Bathing a German Shepherd Puppy

Bathing A Puppy Without Taking A Bath Yourself

German Shepherds are clean animals, unless they dig up the ground and get dirt all over them. A GS puppy will not need frequent baths as it may be harmful for the delicate little pup. If your pup has had

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German Shepherd Leash and Collar Tips

Leash & Collar Tips To Keep Your German Shepherd By Your Side

German Shepherds are big dogs that are extremely strong. Taking a GSD outdoors without a leash on can become a huge problem for both the dog and the people around it. GSDs are not aggressive if trained

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GSD digging problems

Reclaim Your Yard By Training Out The Digging Problems With GSDs

Have you been annoyed with your German Shepherd trying to dig holes in your garden and backyard? All dogs love to dig, and it is absolutely normal if you find your GS digging up the ground. However, if

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Black German Shepherd Biting Ball

When Your German Shepherd Puppy Is Biting And Nipping, Try This

If you find it cute that your little German Shepherd puppy is biting your hand, think again!GSDs grow-up to become strong and muscular dogs.If you encourage them when they bite or make ‘aww’ sounds,

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GSD Jumping on Furniture

Keep Your GSD From Jumping On Furniture With These Tips

German Shepherds are extremely dominant by nature. They rise above and jump because they want to show their power to others. This is a typical alpha behavior in GSDs but not a favorable one when you have

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GSD Dominant Behavior

Dominance? Or Hyperactivity? Here’s How To Spot Dominant Behavior In Your German Shepherd

We have talked about a German Shepherd’s dominant behavior several times and by now we know that GSDs are born to be the leaders. In the wild, they live in a pack, and there is always one pack leader

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German Shepherd Dashing Out The Door

Door Dashing Like They’re In The Olympics How To Stop Your GSD Taking Off

Is your German Shepherd troubling you by being a door-dasher? A door dasher GSD will become very troublesome as it will try to escape every time guests arrive at home. It is a natural instinct of a GSD

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German Shepherd Eating

Disgusting! How To Break Your GSD’s Poop Eating Habit

‘It is extremely embarrassing and totally shocking to see my GS pup eating its own poop.’ ‘Is my dog mentally disturbed or does it like to eat its own excreta?’ ‘Can anyone help me with my GSD’s

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GSD Barking Problems

Dealing With Constant GSD Barking? Problems Solved.

A GSD will bark to express its feelings and emotions. However, if its barking becomes irritating and out of control, you need to make it stop. If you are getting complaints from your neighbors that your

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