Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food Review

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food

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6 Pack of Purina Beyond Natural Dog Food

Whether you’re giving your dog a healthy diet that consists only of wet dog food, or you’re mixing the wet food in with their dry food to help them get the most well-rounded diet. Whichever the case, your main goal is ensuring that they have a nutritious food that promotes healthy growth and energy levels, right?

If you’re concerned about your dog’s well-being (who isn’t?) you need to consider Purina’s Beyond Natural line of wet dog foods. It’s a newer recipe to the market, but is receiving raving reviews from customers who have made the switch and now give it to their dogs on a regular basis.


  • Grain Free Recipe: A lot of dogs have sensitivities to grains, and a lot of dog food companies have made the switch to using grains in their recipes as a way to pad how much food you think you’re getting. The problem is that the grains do not provide the same nutritional value as other forms of carbohydrates, and often cause digestion problems in your dog.
  • Real Beef Is The #1 Ingredient: Some of the bigger named dog food companies have also started using animal byproducts, such as chicken innards, to increase the amount of protein in their recipes. These byproducts are not nearly as dense in protein as real meat, which is why Purina makes real beef their #1 ingredient. These recipes are loaded with the high quality protein your dog needs to maintain healthy muscle production.
  • Crafted By In-House Nutritionists: Purina offers a wide range of recipes and flavors that contain no added preservatives or artificial flavorings. Their in-house nutritionists run each recipe through a test panel of animals to ensure they’re well-received, before putting them out into the marketplace.
Purina Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food


  • Causes Soft Stool In Older Dogs: Some customers have reported that their older dogs ended up developing a loose stool because of the Purina Beyond Natural wet foods. While this has been a problem reported when giving older dogs most wet food brands, it’s something you should keep in mind, and consider mixing it with a dry food to offset the possibility.
  • Caused Reactions In Overly Sensitive Dogs: While Purina went with a grain-free recipe for their Beyond Natural line of foods, some customers have also reported that it did cause sensitivity in their pets. It’s worth noting that these same customers also reported their pets having sensitivities with other brands of foods, so it may not be so much the Purina line, as it is their dogs in general. If your dog has shown sensitivity to foods in the past, you should also keep this fact in mind.

To Wrap It All Up...

Purina has put a lot of time and energy into formulating their Beyond Natural line of wet dog foods. If you’re looking to give your dog a bit of variety in your life, you’ll love the wide range of flavors they offer, along with the grain-free recipes that have been tested and approved by their in-house nutritionists.

You can learn more about the foods and the different flavors that are available, along with seeing what other customers are saying about it by clicking on the button below.

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