Royal Canin Nutrition Giant Dry Dog Food Review

Royal Canin Nutrition Giant Adult Dry Dog Food

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Royal Canin Nutrition Giant Dry Dog Food

Not all dog foods are created equal. In fact, there are very few dry dog foods on the market these days that are actually healthy for your dog to eat. A lot of companies have forgone your dog’s health in favor of generating more profits for themselves. When you look at how they’re staying competitive (by lowering their prices) it makes you wonder how they can still turn a profit at all.

That’s why Royal Canin decided to set themselves apart from every other dog food manufacturer. Instead of competing on price, they compete on formulas and great taste. Each bag contains a very specific formula that promotes proper growth from puppy to old dog.


  • Supports Proper Joint Health: A precise mixture of glucosamine and chondroitin gives your large breed German Shepherds the joint health they need to support a long spine and legs. Hip dysplasia is a problem facing all large breed dogs later in life, and Royal Canin has formulated their giant breed dog foods with this problem in mind.
  • Complex Recipe Of Vitamins & Antioxidants: Maintaining a healthy immune system is also critical to your dog’s proper development. A mixture of antioxidants and vitamins help your dog in every stage of life to fight off sickness and immunity disorders.
  • Supports A Healthy Heart: From puppy to large adult, your dog’s heart health is essential to helping them live a long, happy life. With the low quality ingredients in most dog foods, your pet’s health (especially their heart health) is put to the side in favor of increased profits.
  • Instead of risking your dog’s health later in life, and possibly even shortening their lifespan, Royal Canin puts the focus specifically on helping them maintain proper heart health.
  • Perfectly Formulated For Large Breed Dogs: Large breed dogs have much different demands from their food than smaller breed dogs do. They’re a lot more active, have larger bone and nervous systems, and tend to be a lot more demanding on their bodies than small dogs will ever be capable of. That’s why Royal Canin is formulated to help address each of these areas.
Royal Canin Nutrition Giant Dry Dog Food


  • It’s On The Expensive Side: The old adage goes “you get what you pay for” and it couldn’t be more true than when you’re considering Royal Canin’s line of dog foods. Instead of competing on price and lowering the quality of their ingredients, Royal Canin instead favors higher quality ingredients that also happen to raise the price of each bag of food.

To Wrap It All Up...

Even though Royal Canin is more expensive than most of the foods you can purchase, you shouldn’t necessarily look at price alone.

Rather than buying a couple bags of low quality dog food for the same price you would pay for 1 bag of Royal Canin, you need to look at the differences in quality between the two prospective companies. When you stop and look at the ingredients, you’ll understand why the lower priced foods are lower priced.

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