Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food Review

Taste Of The Wild is one of those dog food companies that understands a bland flavored dog food just isn’t enough for your dog. While those foods may be packed full of nutrition, your dog deserves a bit of flavor profile on their pallette.

Giving them a food that they’re going to look forward to is great for keeping their spirits high, and watching them dance as you get the bag out is just a bonus you get to enjoy.


  • Made With REAL Roasted Meats: Taste Of The Wild understands that your dogs have taste buds, too. That’s why they use 100% real meats, roasted to perfection in every recipe they offer. These flavors will have your dogs begging to be feed -- if they could talk, that is.
  • Supplemented With Fruits & Vegetables: Getting a well rounded diet is crucial to promote proper growth in your dog’s various systems. Unless your dog has a hankering for fruits and vegetables, though, they’re not going to get the vitamins outside of the food you give them. Each bag of Taste Of The Wild is packed chock full of fruits and vegetables, for a well rounded diet.
  • Delivers Natural Antioxidants: While your dog food is designed to help your puppy or dog grow, and stay active, Taste Of The Wild also wants to make sure their bodies are able to fight off any potential bugs or viruses they may come down with. The antioxidants in each bag helps promote an active immune system in your dog, so they can fight off various illnesses.
  • Grain-Free Dog Food: A large amount of dogs are allergic to the various grains used as fillers in most dog foods. Taste Of The Wild understands this, and crafts each of their recipes without the use of grains that may cause your dog to get indigestion.
Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food


  • Some Customers Reported Upset Stomachs: Some customers reported that the bag of food they ordered may have set on the shelves a bit too long, and become rancid. This caused their dogs to have some indigestion problems, and loose stools.
  • You may want to send the seller an email and ask if they can provide you with the expiration dates on their current batch, and only order as much as you need to prevent it from going bad.
  • Has Been Recalled In The Past: To maintain 100% transparency for our readers, we do have to let you know that Taste Of The Wild went through a recall period a few years ago. While they’ve rectified the situation, you need to know that the recall happened.

To Wrap It All Up...

Giving your dog a food that is going to keep them healthy and promote proper growth is essential as a pet owner. However, with Taste Of The Wild, you can also give them a food that they’re going to look forward to eating, because it’s packed chock full of flavor that dog’s love.

To maintain transparency for Shepped.com readers, keep their past recall in mind, but also realize that they’ve cleared up the situation. Ask the seller for a sample of the expiration dates on the bags of food that they’re shipping out to make sure you’re not buying an out of date bag.

To learn more about the various flavors, and the recipes Taste Of The Wild use, click on the button below.

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