Tuffy’s NutriSource Adult Dry Dog Food Review

Tuffy's Pet Food NutriSource Grain Free Chicken & Pea Dry Dog Food

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Chicken Formula Grain Free

 “Try it, you’ll like it!”

That’s the slogan Tuffy’s has used for years, and for good reasons. Customers continue to reorder Tuffy’s NutriSource adult dry dog food because their dogs love it. They love the flavor, and you’ll love the nutritional benefits your German Shepherd will get from the food.

From young pup, to old age, NutriSource dry dog food has the specific ingredients, vitamins, nutrients, and proteins that your dog needs to develop healthy, functional systems, and maintain high energy levels to keep them active.


  • Real Chicken Is The #1 Ingredient: While a lot of companies have a “Chicken & Rice” formula, when you stop and look at the ingredients you’ll notice that chicken itself isn’t actually the main ingredient. For that matter, rice is typically pretty far down on the list of ingredients, too.
  • Tuffy’s NutriSource, though, is made primarily of chicken and rice, providing high quality proteins and carbohydrates to promote muscle growth, as well as help keep their energy levels up.
  • Highly Digestible Formula: Each bag of NutriSource is specifically formulated to help promote your dog’s digestive system. That means the amount of low quality fillers and other indigestible products are kept to a bare minimum. These filler products do not provide your pet with any nutritional value, and can actually cause digestion problems that lead to other, bigger issues as your pet grows in age.
  • Formulated With Quality Proteins: Chicken, in itself, is a high quality source of protein. When combined with other sources of protein, the NutriSource Chicken & Rice formula promotes the muscle growth that active dogs, like your GSD, need to stay active and healthy. From puppy to old dog,
  • Contains No Animal By-Products Or Corn: Animal by-products, such as kidneys, liver, blood, bones, and fatty tissues are added by low quality manufacturing companies to help pad out the amount of food you’re getting, while forgoing the food’s nutritional value. Each bag of NutriSource, though, contains actual chicken meat to ensure your dog is receiving the highest quality protein.
Dry Dog Grain Free Food from Nutrisource


  • Contains No Grains: Grains are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates that your dog needs, but a lot of companies have quit using over the last few years. Due to a lot of dogs developing allergies to the grains, many companies have forgone using them inside of their recipes. If your dog doesn’t have an allergy to grains, this may be a downside for you because of the health benefits they provide to dogs who are not actually allergic.

To Wrap It All Up...

German Shepherds are active, long-living dogs that need proper attention paid to their diet and nutritional requirements. This means that if you want them to stay happy, healthy, and always curious about their life, you should avoid feeding them low quality dry dog foods that are full of fillers and low-protein animal by-products.

Tuffy’s NutriSource dog food aims to stay competitively affordable, while also maintaining high levels of active proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your growing dog requires for proper development of their internal systems.

To learn more about Tuffy’s NutriSource Chicken & Rice dry dog food, click on the button below. You’ll also get to see why other customers rave about it!

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